About Us - Our Story

Hi, I’m Helene, and here is a little bit about me and Mucky Bubba! I am the mother of two beautifully messy eaters and the creator of Mucky Bubba baby bibs.

Mealtimes with a baby are a whole new world!  As they explore new tastes and textures of food they develop a new found confidence and independence that is exciting for new parents to witness.  Your little baby is growing up - and your journey with baby led weaning begins!

However the clean up afterwards is not nearly as exciting. How much time have you spend wiping, rinsing, changing clothes, sweeping and scrubbing when you could have been enjoying precious time with your little one?

I thought it was about time someone created baby bibs to give parents that extra time to play, to read, and to cuddle with their babies - that is why I created Mucky Bubba. 

The Mucky Bubba weaning bibs are light and comfortable with a reusable strip that safely attaches to your child’s high chair or table to catch all the spill and drops.  And the really great thing?  They are super-easy baby bibs to clean and reuse.  It’s the no-mess, no-fuss mealtime solution every parent needs to have. 

Create that extra time that you always wished you had to sit down and play with your baby.  They are only small once, and Mucky Bubba cuts down your cleaning time and changes it to playtime.