Best baby led weaning recipes

So I am going to make life that little bit easier for you, because I understand just how tired and crazy you must be feeling right now! Just when you have your baby figured out, he or she goes and changes on you! Not happy with just milk any more? Well, that’s ok, because we are here to help! Here is a list of the best baby led weaning recipes, including finger food!

First off the bat, here are the super easy first food ideas (no recipe required!) –

  • Steamed/boiled large slices or chunks of pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower
  • Raw slices or chunks of peeled banana, avocado, ripe stone fruit
  • Cooked rice
  • Cooked pasta
  • Toast fingers (opt for wholegrain, wholemeal no preservatives and additive free bread – don’t be afraid to ask your baker)
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs
  • Cooked legumes
  • Steamed fish

Now for the baby led weaning recipes!

Check out our very own yummy healthy banana bread recipe, or put together some Banana toast for your little one.

Oat fruit bars are great to keep those fingers working, but mind they will get a bit sticky, or you can try these Fruit ‘n’ nut muesli bars

Pancakes, oh my goodness, pancakes….. BananaFluffy blueberry and ricotta, Fluffy pancakes 

DSC_1584 v2

Check out these super yummy cookies and biscuits cookiesFruity cookiesCoconut and date cookiesChickpea cookies

Some of my favourite flavour muffins Muffins – Banana, Apple & CinnamonCarrot, Blueberry

Everyone loves a good ‘sausage’ roll and Homemade chicken nuggets

Happy cooking!

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