Baby bibs just got better

Mucky Bubba baby bibs feature a reusable sticky strip on the pocket to attach to any highchair or table.  This awesome strip is made from a special sticky rubber that will stick to anything and when removed, will leave no damage or residue.  When it stops sticking? Simply wash in soapy water and the stick will return - Magic!

Truly catch all

Mucky Bubba bibs offer superior coverage in the simplest of ways by attaching to highchairs or tables. Other bibs protect the chest and don't prevent food from falling on the floor or lap, or they have a lot of fabric to clean and food still can get everywhere.

Baby led weaning

Baby led weaning is a messy time and the Mucky Bubba weaning bib is perfect to catch all teh message to save you time, money and your sanity! Spend more time with your precious baby and less time cleaning!

Rolls up for travel

Easy to roll up and keep in your bag.  Keeps baby clean when out and about so you can enjoy your cafe catch up or lovely meal out. 


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Mucky Bubba baby bibs have been designed for quick and easy cleaning so you get more precious play time with your gorgeous baby boy or girl.

Our unique catch all baby bib features a sticky strip that attaches to your table or high chair to catch all the mess before it hits your baby's clothes, the floor or the table! This makes it the perfect baby led weaning bib.


How to use Mucky Bubba Bibs

Just a few easy steps....


Hints & Tips

When you first get the baby bib you will have found the strip super sticky. This stickiness will dull - this is perfectly normal as it is supposed to be easily removed after eating.

The strip does need to be dry to stick at it’s best, once hung up they will dry within minutes. We always recommend having two so you can alternate between mealtimes.

The sticky strip uses pressure to attach to surfaces, so give it a good press and rub and it will stick just fine. It should be easy to remove when you are finished.

If you find it is no longer sticking as well as you would like, you can simply rub lemon or a citrus based cleaner over it and the stick will come back. A magic eraser (available via Bunnings and other retailers) also helps to rejuvenate the stickiness.

To remove your bib, pull from the top (ie. where the least fabric is). Pulling from the main portion of the bib will, with time, cause the strip to separate from the bib.

Don't put your bib in the washing machine or dishwasher as it will shorten the life of the bib. Simply wash in soapy water giving the sticky strip a good rub and hang to dry.