Managing a messy eater


Wmessy-babyeaning is a whole other ball game. I don’t know about you but I’d just got used to the milk feeds, the sleepless nights and everything else that comes with it. I was hesitant to move to this next step but my babies had other ideas. I could no longer stand by and watch them eyeing up my food with those longing eyes and licking their chops like a hungry puppy. So had to embrace it and move on. Although thinking about it now, they were less messier back then than they are now at 3 and 5.  So here goes…..

Expect the worst

If you expect your little angel to eat with no mess, then you are in for a rough ride and a lot of frustration.  Just let it be known that mealtimes can be messy, so being nice and calm you will get through it.

Get the right gear.

Probably most used mealtime equipment are bibs and highchairs. There are many to choose from. Highchairs come in many different forms so it depends on your budget and space. Just make sure they are simple to use and easy to clean. I used the Ikea chair as they are cost effective and very easy to clean. my seat part even went in the dishwasher.  

There are so many bibs on the market  you can get lost in all the styles and patterns. In the beginning a simple toweling one is good as your bubba will probably be spoon fed by you. But once they want to drive you will require a bit more protection. Whether you want to go with full coverage of a huge smock bib or the more rigid catcher ones you will not avoid all mess and will still need to clean up the floor and their lap.  Even better are Mucky Bubba  catch all bibs. They look like a normal plastic bib but unlike the rigid ones it is made from a soft material and  has a special reusable strip on its pocket to attach to high chairs and tables, creating a barrier between child and table. No mess in their lap or on the floor. So easy to clean up, therefore less stress for you. Suction plates are great as the stick to your table top and won’t be moved easily making it difficult for them to throw it at the walls.

Double Up

Let your toddler hold one set of utensils. While they feed themselves you have the other one and , you can alternate the spoon instead of trying to wrestle it out of their little fingers.

Be prepared

Throwing food is an awesome game that mum really loves, not!  If you have one of those, it is best to keep the clean up until the end of the meal to save your sanity.  You just have to accept this as it is a normal part of your child’s development, keep calm and be prepared. They will love experimenting and experiencing different textures and tastes. All the squishing, chewing and spitting is all part of it and yes throwing food is fun!

Stay Calm

It is easy to get frustrated and grumpy with all the mess and all your hard work preparing food being spat out and all over the walls, but stay calm and enjoy the process because it is really awesome stage and you can get some awesome messy pics.

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