New Mucky Bubba Bib Helps Mums and Babies Conquer Meal Time Mess

After unsuccessfully searching for a bib to keep her messy babies clean during meal times, Mumpreneur Helene Murphy created her own solution.

Mucky Bubba is a world first. This innovative baby bib is truly “catch all’ keeping food and drink contained in the pocket and not in baby’s lap or the floor. The secret is in the long lasting reusable sticky strip on the pocket. Mucky Bubba catch-all bibs are so simple, as the pocket easily attaches to the highchair or table. The bib is made from a material called TPU which is unlike any other on the market. It is lightweight, durable and stain resistant, and is also FDA approved and BPA free. The Mucky Bubba bib safely helps mums and babies enjoy exploring food without the headache of a huge mess afterwards.

“I had very messy boys. I tried lots of baby bibs, but they always ended up with food in their laps and on the floor.Although there were many bibs on the market, they really only kept my children’s chests clean and not much else” said Helene.

Versatile in design, the Mucky Bubba baby bib easily rolls up for travel and you can just keep one in your handbag. Even with no highchair or table available, it will simply fold over and stick to itself and the pocket will stay open. Clean up is easy, you simply remove and clean in soapy water. Another great advantage of the TPU material is that it’s very easy to clean and quick drying.

Response from the market has been phenomenal. Local mum and child care worker Michelle Young stating “I have thrown out all my other bibs for meal times, now I only use my Mucky Bubba bibs”.

Another happy mum Carly Kohler, received hers a few weeks before Christmas and was quick to provide feedback. “We only use Mucky Bubba bibs now. The other bibs haven’t come out of the drawer for weeks. My favourite thing is there is no fabric, which means it’s super easy to clean and there’s no need to put it in the wash. I just rinse it off under the tap in the kitchen after each meal, dry it then hang it back on the highchair ready for the next meal. It is super durable, yet soft and doesn’t scratch [seven months old] Charlie’s face.”

Mucky Bubba has been a labour of love for the local Melbourne mum, inspired by her two sons, now aged 2 and 4. “It’s been a lot of hard work, but so proud of what I have done with Mucky Bubba.” After many prototypes, the first one made on a friends sewing machine. Mucky Bubba is now available via her Online store. It is practical for parents and safe for babies and toddlers. “It has been overwhelming, the positive feedback from mums all over Australia and we are even in NZ and the UK.’

The Mucky Bubba is available in pink or blue. For more information and to purchase your catch all bib, visit

About Helene

I’m Helene, mother of two very messy little eaters who were my inspiration for Mucky Bubba.

Watching my independent babies explore yummy and not so yummy food was fun, however the clean-up was not. No matter the bib I used, there was food and drink in their laps, on the floor and even occasionally the walls.

Bibs are supposed to protect your baby’s clothing when eating. The many bibs I purchased were either hard, uncomfortable plastic that just covered their chest but not their lap, or they were huge with lots of material and fiddly places to clean. I couldn’t find what I wanted – so I designed and made it, tried it on my own two boys, and refined the design to make it practical and easy.

Mucky Bubba – A light, comfortable, catch-all bib that keeps your child’s lap, clothes and floor clean. Simple to use and easy to clean.


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