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What is baby led weaning?

mucky bubba bib, blue, baby led weaning bib

What is baby led weaning? Baby led weaning, sometimes referred to as BLW, simply means letting your baby feed him or herself. Like traditional weaning, it’s suitable from six months for most babies. Many parents follow baby led weaning without even realising it – particularly with second or later children. How to start with baby…

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Managing a messy eater

  Weaning is a whole other ball game. I don’t know about you but I’d just got used to the milk feeds, the sleepless nights and everything else that comes with it. I was hesitant to move to this next step but my babies had other ideas. I could no longer stand by and watch…

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Yipee!! We are in The Modern mummas blog

Meal times with our babies. PARENTING Meal times with our babies It’s quite controversial when you should start feeding your baby and what you should feed them. So please always get professional opinions as I’m not a professional I’m just writing what I did/done.   I always started with pureed food from around 4 months…

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Baby Led Weaning – messy unless you have a catch all bib!

Mucky bubba catch all bib perfect for meal time mess

Baby led weaning certainly does not suit everyone. And as a parent, it’s entirely your choice how and when you introduce your baby to food. We know all too well how many opinions, different research studies and articles tell you the “best” way to do things. Just stick with your instinct (and remember, you know…

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